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Shape Your Future in Osteopathy:
Join Our Team and Ignite Your Professional Growth!

Exciting Part-Time Osteopath Position at YouMove Osteopathy!

Join the team at YouMove Osteopathy and unleash your passion for osteopathy! We're offering a part-time position with the potential for future growth into a full-time role.


If you're an enthusiastic osteopath looking to add a few extra hours to your schedule, seek variety in your work, or yearn for structured time to develop your craft, this opportunity is perfect for you.


Experience a supportive environment where you can make a difference in people's lives while nurturing your professional growth.


Join us at YouMove Osteopathy and take your career to new heights!


The core of our existence lies in our love for empowering individuals to lead active and happy lives.

High Fives


  • Comprehensive and Tailored One-on-One Mentorship Program: Experience a structured and personalized mentorship program that is designed to support your professional growth and provide valuable guidance throughout your journey.

  • Clear and Defined Career Path: Embark on a structured career progression that begins with a contract trial period. Transition into a rewarding salaried position. You'll have the opportunity to earn bonuses that recognize your exceptional contributions. Additionally, enjoy the benefits of annual leave and personal leave, allowing for a healthy work-life balance.

  • Support for Continuous Professional Growth: Our commitment to your development extends beyond the workplace. We actively encourage and contribute to your professional development, empowering you to broaden your skill set and stay ahead in a dynamic industry.

Osteopath at Work


  • Passionate about Empowering Others: You possess a genuine passion for helping individuals achieve their goals. 

  • Appreciate the importance of delivering high-quality client management: From goal setting and devising tailored treatment plans, to providing ongoing support throughout the recovery journey. 

  • Confidence and Capable with Manual Treatment: You are able to provide effective hands-on care to your patients.

  • Committed to Personal and Professional Growth: You possess a dedication to your own personal and professional development. 

  • Positive Attitude and Joyful Approach: You bring a smile to the clinic, have a laugh and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere that promotes collaboration and camaraderie.

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