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Sports injuries

At YouMove Osteopathy, we pride ourselves on helping you do what you love.


Getting you back on the sporting field and staying there, performing at your best, is something we'll work hard to achieve.

This begins with a thorough examination to not only get the right diagnosis, so we know what we're managing, but to look at why that injury might have occurred in the first place.

Implementing a skilled treatment and rehabilitation program aims to get you back on the track sooner, and by correcting the bio-mechanical cause for the injury, your risk of recurrence is much lower.

All of our osteopaths have been involved in a variety of sports. including football, basketball, hockey, cricket, running, swimming and triathlon. We believes the best sporting therapists are the ones who understand your passion, and who have actually ran the miles themselves, experienced the frustration of injuries, and implemented a targeted rehab program to overcome them.

Get back to the sports field faster.
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