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Find relief for your back pain. Get back to doing what you love. Move better, feel better.

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Find Relief For Your Back Pain


You reaching your goals is our key driver! We are committed to you and each other.

We treat you like you are our Mum, our Dad or a professional athlete.

We have fun whilst we deliver exceptional outcomes.


We are passionate about growth and learning.

We go the extra mile so you can too.

We stay up to date with research. We integrate our passion for continuous learning into your healthcare!


Osteopaths possess an extensive array of manual therapy options, granting us the ability to tailor our approach to align precisely with your preferences and comfort level.


We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best outcomes for you. We know that the positive reinforcement of a healthy mindset towards health is critical for long term success. We make you the king/queen of your domain.

Back Pain Osteopath

Lachlan Allen


Mount Eliza Osteopath

Amy Conca



Our osteopaths have a genuine passion for helping people ease their pain and improve their wellbeing.

People just like you!

Visit our Osteopathy Clinic in Mount Eliza for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is such an awful experience. There are very few movements that don't trigger pain when your back is troubling you. Lower back pain is one of the most common presentations to an osteopath. The sight of someone holding their knees as they slowly stand up is a dead give-away of another case of back pain.


If you live in Frankston, Mount Eliza, Mount Martha and Mornington and this sounds like you, YouMove Osteopathy in Mount Eliza can work with you to help you reach your body movement goals.

No two cases of back pain are the same. We see similar presentations and can make an accurate prognosis based on a few key characteristics of your pain profile. However, nobody moves like you do. The techniques we use to improve your back pain are specific to the way YouMove. With a huge bag of tricks, our osteopaths can utilize the techniques you're comfortable with.

At YouMove Osteopathy, you can expect the following services for your back pain

1. To have someone listen to how your back pain is affecting you, discovering the barriers preventing you from living your best life.

2. A skilled examination and diagnosis 

3. Hands-on treatment to get you feeling better, faster.

4. Advice regarding the things you can do to help your own pain.

Make an appointment with us to help your back pain

Don't wait around hoping things will change. Book an appointment today and start living. From back pain to neck pain, you don’t need to suffer from soreness any longer. Our osteopaths will work with you and create a tailored treatment approach that is specific to the way YouMove.

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