Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You! And your problem! Bring any X-Ray's, CT's, ultrasounds, MRI's, that you may have relative to your problem. If you were referred by another therapist, please remember to bring the referral notes. If your problem is related to a sport or phyisical activity, bring your shoes along. It can be useful to assess the way YouMove in the footwear you are performing in.

What should I wear?

I will assess the painful area, along with other areas of the body which may be related to the problem. Please wear clothing which is loose fitting or flexible enough to allow us to assess the way YouMove and not the way your clothing restricts your movement. Active wear is great, otherwise, just keep it loose fitting. Your comfort is of upmost importance to me. And you will not be required to remove any item of clothing that you are not comfortable with. It can be helpful to expose the area being treated so we can perform techniques such as massage. This might involve removing certain items of clothing (tops or trousers). However, if you are not comfortable with this, just let me know and we will find an alternative and beneficial treatment option for you.

What qualifications do you hold?

I didn't spend Monday to Friday, 9-5 over 5 years for nothing. In order to obtain registration as an osteopath, we are required to obtain a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). During the Masters degree, I completed research into the relationship between osteopaths and dentists in the management of jaw pain. I am registered as an Osteopath with AHPRA. I also hold membership with Osteopathy Australia which maintains continual professional education and standards.

What conditions do you treat?

Osteopath's are expertly trained to provide treatment and support to all musckuloskeletal conditions. Some people associate osteopaths with the spine. And, yes we are great with spinal problems, along with headaches and migraine. But a big proportion of the conditions we see are actually sporting related. Foot and ankle injuries, knee pain, shoulder complaints, elbow pain, tendon problems. These all respond favourably to the biomechanical way we look at the body. I will assess the way your whole kinetic chain moves when I assess your problem. Because nobody moves like YouMove! I will provide hands-on treaatment for pain relief and a targetted rehabilitation plan, to get you back to your chosen activity as fast as possible.

Is osteopathy covered by private health funds?

Your consult should have a portion covered by your health fund if you have extras on your cover. The wonderful reception staff at Ti Tree Family Doctors have Hicaps facilities, so you willl be able to claim on the spot and only pay the gap.

What about Medicare?

If you are eligable for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan, you are able to have 5 treatments covered at a reduced cost. That is 5 allied health services for one calander year. For example, if you also require the help of a podiatrist, your doctor might put 3 sessions for osteopathy and 2 sessions for podiatry on your plan. These plans are managed by your GP. Please ask your GP if you qualify for this plan. Full payment is required on the day. However, if you are registered wiith Medicare, the reception staff at Ti-Tree Faily Doctors are able to claim the government portion on the spot, so you will get the rebate straight back into your account.

Where are you?

YouMove Osteopathy is located within Ti-Tree Family Doctors. Entrance is via the side of the building facing the Mount Eliza shops. The amazing reception staff at Ti-Tree Family Doctors do all the reception work for us. So you will make the short journey into the doctors reception to complete payment.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes. Both Ti-Tree Family Doctors, and YouMove Osteopathy both have wheelchair access. YouMove Osteopathy is up one level, there is a lift just inside the door. And no, there wont be shopping mall wait times for the lift.

How long are appointments?

Initial appointments are 1 hour. Our first appointment will set up your treatment plan. Aiming to get you moving better, feeling better and achieving your goals faster. We have a full hour together, so we’ll have plenty of time for treatment as well, to work out all those sore spots. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes. Giving us plenty of time for hands on treatment and making adjustments to any home-based rehab you might be doing.

Will you want to see me 1000 times?

I will provide you with an in depth understanding of your problem. Knowledge is power. And by helping you understand your problem, we put the power in your hands. The result of this is that your don't rely on my treatment as the only way to resolve you pain. With the tools to help yourself, you will end up needing far fewer appointments. Generally, for new complaints, I expect to see people 3 or 4 times over a few weeks. This allows us to get on top of your pain with treatment, provide you with the tools to help yourself and build some momentum with your progression. Once we get your pain under control, I may suggest we review your progress a month or so down the track. But I dont force people to commit to a long term treatment plan.

Will you give me a long set of boring exercises that I'm not going to do?

I can't not laugh as I answer this question. Sometimes specific exercises are an integral part of your rehab plan. However, a lot of the time, we can get you better without the need for them. Sometimes simple modification of your chosen activity, your posture, your workstation or just how much you YouMove is enough to achieve long lasting pain relief. I'm under no illusions that everyone does what I ask. Honesty is critical here. If your not going to do any exercises, tell me and I'll develop a plan without them. I'll also be able to spend a lot more time on treatment too.

Do you crack joints?

Joint manipulation is one of many treatment options. Some people find it really helps reduce their pain or stiffness, so for those people, we will use it if indicated. Osteopaths have a huge bag of tricks. Which means if manipulation is not indicated, or if you choose to avoid it, we will use another approach for you. At YouMove Osteopathy, you are involved in your own care. I will explain which techniques may help you, give you options, and use an approach you are happy with.

Do you do dry needling?

I'm going to sound a little repetitive here. Yes, dry needling is one of many treatment options. Dry needling can be a great way to reduce muscle tension. Some people find it really helps, so for those people, we will use it if indicated. Osteopaths have a huge bag of tricks. Which means if dry needling is not indicated, or if you choose to avoid it, we will use another approach for you. At YouMove Osteopathy, you are involved in your own care. We will explain which techniques may help you, give you options, and use an approach you are happy with.

Can I book in online?

Online booking is currently available through Ti-Tree Faily Doctors. Book in with me here: Just hit the green 'book online' button, enter your details and you're done! Alternatively, call the amazing reception staff at Ti-Tree Family doctors on 03 9787 8033.