Osteopath in Mount Eliza

Lachlan Allen is an Osteopath in Mount Eliza, located at Mount Eliza Consulting Suites which is adjacent to Ti-Tree Family Doctors. Lachlan works with all musculoskeletal problems including headaches, migraine, sports injuries, shoulder problems, tendon pain, neck and back pain. 

Lachlan has worked as an Osteo for many years. Over that time, he has learnt the importance of keeping up to date with medical research, without losing the value of looking at every person on a case by case basis.

Nobody moves like YouMove

By taking the time to hear your complaint and how it's affecting you as an individual, then assessing the way YouMove to find the specific problems resulting in your pain, he can establish a targeted treatment plan needed to reach your goals faster.

As an Osteo, Lachlan has a wide range of treatment options available, including dry needling, manipulation, massage, active release technique, counter-strain technique, PNF stretching, muscle energy technique, joint articulation and mobilization. 

Lachlan will use an approach you're comfortable with

With such a huge range of treatment options, Lachlan will utilise the best approach for you, using techniques that you are comfortable with. He will couple this with a rehabilitation plan for you to take home, empowering you to manage your own pain so that you're not just relying on treatment, resulting in a better long term outcome for your problem.

If you're in pain, book an appointment to see Lachlan today!