Osteopath servicing the Mornington Peninsula

Lachlan Allen is an Osteopath in Mount Eliza, located at Mount Eliza Consulting Suites. 3/116 Mount ELiza Way, Mount ELiza 3930.

Lachlan is passionate about osteopathy and its ability to help you reach your goals. At YouMove Osteopathy you can expect to have your story heard. An osteo who takes the time to understand how your pain is effecting you is better equipped to provide a treatment plan that achieves your goals.

Every person in unique. So there is no silver bullet that will cure all pain. At YouMove Osteopathy you can expect a thorough examination which looks at addressing the key biomechanical issues responsible for your pain.

Osteopaths have a huge bag of tricks when it comes to treatment. So at YouMove Osteopathy, we make sure you are aware of the treatment options available to you so we can use the techniques your comfortable with. This goes for exercise prescription as well. Not everyone wants to be given a huge list of exercises that they're just not going to do. On the other-hand, self-management is exactly what some people want. By keeping you involved in the treatment process, we avoid spending your time using an approach that just isn't going to work for you

Nobody moves like you do

Lachlan will use an approach you're comfortable with