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What Our Super Fund Can Teach Us About Pain

Everybody expects that the progression from being in pain to returning to what they love it's going to be a linear timeline. It rarely is!

It’s normal to have pain or recurrence in your progression towards your goal.

We all know that it's not a good idea to check the balance of our Superfund every day. This would drive anyone crazy.

Instead we consider the growth of our Superfund overtime.

It's not a mistake to draw this line progressing a little bit slower to start off with this is normal in regards to pain often function improves and pain follows. This is especially true for persistent pain.

When experiencing pain and working towards recovery, remember these key points:

1. Progress is not always linear; there will be ups and downs.

2. Focus on long-term progress rather than day-to-day changes.

3. Set goals with your healthcare provider and work towards them.

4. Be patient and persistent in your journey towards recovery.

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