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Best Osteopath - How To Choose The Best Osteopath

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The best osteopath is one who listens, gives you time you need and the attention you deserve.

First of all, a good osteopath should ask the right questions to understand your condition, how it is affecting your life and what you want to achieve e.g. reduce pain, move more easily, increase sporting performance, work comfortably, sleep better or you may just want to get back to doing the things you love.

Best Osteopath Mount Eliza
A good osteopath listens!

Next, A great osteopath will perform a thorough clinical assessment, involving musculoskeletal and range of motion tests. Then deliver safe, evidence based treatments supported by a personalised recovery plan.

Best Osteopath Frankston
A great osteopath will provide a thorough assessment

Most importantly, the right osteopath for you is usually an osteo who has experience easing your particular type of pain, treating your individual condition, rehabilitating your specific injury or improving your ability for a specific physical activity.

Best Osteopath Mornington
The right osteopath has extensive experience

At YouMove Osteopathy we have a interest in sports performance, exercise prescription, tendon and ligament injuries, headaches, migraines and all types of pain, especially head, neck, back and shoulder pain.

The osteopaths at YouMove Osteopathy are registered practitioners with AHPRA and members of osteopathy Australia who undertake regular post graduate training to further their knowledge and skills.

Our osteos are trained in many manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, stretching, muscle energy technique, positional release, dry needling and sports taping.

Best Osteopath Mornington
YouMove Osteopath's are trained in many manual therapy techniques

We will utilise the best approach for you, using techniques that you are comfortable with and combine this with a take home rehabilitation plan, empowering you to help manage your own pain so that you're not just relying on treatment, resulting in a better long term outcome for your problem.

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