Our clinic near Mount Martha is here to help. We work with all sorts of pain and discomfort, combining hands-on treatment with rehabilitation. We can help you get back to your optimal physical condition with a range of treatments tailored to your needs.

Osteopathy has been around since 1892. Osteopaths have had a strong influence on the development and understanding of physical health over the years. Many techniques utilized by different physical therapy modalities have origins way back to those early osteo's. But your Osteo isn't stuck in the past either, osteopaths keep up to date with medical research, to stay informed and provide you with the best level of care.

What do Osteopaths do?

Osteopaths know how parts of your body should work together and the impact if they do not.

Osteopaths are trained to provide:

  • Manual therapy – includes a range of ‘hands-on’ techniques such as massage, MET and PNF stretching, counter-strain, mobilization and manipulation, dry needling. Which may give relief from musculoskeletal pain.

  • Clinical exercise programs – activities and movement strategies for use at home, work or on the playing field. 

  • Movement, postural, positioning advice and ergonomic assessments.

  • Advice about your lifestyle, stress management, diet or other factors that may influence your pain, injury or movement.