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Lachlan Allen is an osteopath who is proud to offer you osteopathy services in Frankston.

Lachlan has worked as an osteopath in the southeastern suburbs for many years, however, his desire to live bayside has brought him to the wonderful city of Frankston. Lachlan will work with you to find a suitable treatment to your individual pain, with one-on-one osteopathy sessions and a home-based exercise plan.

YouMove Osteopathy is located at Mount Eliza Consulting Suites, 3/116 Mount Eliza Way. If you are in Mount Martha, Mornington or surrounding areas, and suffer from neck pain, back pain, headache or sporting injuries, please feel free to book an appointment with Lachlan at his Mount Eliza-based clinic. He will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan for your recovery.

Lachlan can help with all musculoskeletal pain, and understands the complexities surrounding chronic pain and the burden pain can have on your life. He is customer-focused and dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

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Lachlan has experience on the sporting field and enjoys working with all sporting injuries. He can help you with the right rehabilitation plan to get you back on the field as soon as possible.

Lachlan has involved himself in advanced training through the Watson Headache Institute and understands just how effective manual therapy can be for people suffering from headaches and migraine.

Lachlan has a keen eye for dysfunction in the shoulder complex and can help you learn how to correct the mechanics which may have led to pain in the first place. He has attended the Lyn Watson shoulder course as well as having seen countless shoulder presentations.

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Neck pain and back pain is really the bread and butter for osteopaths. We see this day in, day out, and with ten years’ experience behind him, you can be confident that Lachlan will give the right advice and a skilled treatment approach.

If you’re searching for a tailored treatment plan to help with your pain, contact YouMove Osteopathy and book an appointment with Lachlan.

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