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Foot Eversion with Theratube


This exercise uses an exercise band or tube to strengthen the peroneal muscles, which is a group of muscles on the outside of the foot. They help control the position of the foot. Strong, well-functioning peroneal are very important for foot stability and will help minimize the risk for ankle sprains.

  1. Stand on the theratube, then wrap it around your feet, finishing by placing it around the big toe. You should have some tension in the band to begin with.

  2. Curl the bottom of your feet away from each other as far as comfortable

  3. Slowly return them both to the original starting position

  4. Avoid any movement occurring from the knee or the hip. Learn to isolate the foot muscles.

Your osteopath will outline the number of sets and reps which is appropriate for you.

  • Minimizing the range of movement with this exercise will create less joint irritation.

  • Ensure your anchor point is secure.

  • Choose a band which suits your strength level. Use a band that is long enough – do not overstretch a band.

  • Ensure your exercise band is of good quality and has no signs of wear. Exercise bands don’t last forever.

  • A band letting go could fling back towards you and cause injury. This is not likely if you follow the previous steps above.

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